Funny Kid Quotes: From Vomit Sauce to Thousand Island Music

Here are the latest greatest funnies from your house and mine. Hope you laugh as much as I did putting it together. Happy Wednesday, Friends!

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  • “Mama, I yawned and sauce came out!” (vomit)
    – Sydney(3) Maryville, TN
  • My husband has my babies all by himself this week. When I was leaving town today, I asked Walker if he thought they would be ok . He said, “Of course, Mama. You left us food and I have a light saber.”
    – Walker (5) Tupelo, MS
  • “Why does the sidewalk have to be made of stone? Why can’t it be made of pancakes?”
    – Bryce (6) Eagan, MN
  •  “You are really annoying, and it is NOT opposite day.”
    – Bryce (6) to Reed (8) Eagain, MN
  • “Why you say ‘shit,’ Mommy?”
    – Anonymous
  • Mom: Do you think you can be good at school the rest of the week – it’s only two more days…
    Ethan: I’m not sure… “I can’t tell the future and I don’t have a working time machine.”
    – Ethan (6) Milwaukee, MI
  • At the Olive Garden…
    Molly (7): What kind of music is this?
    Me: I’m guessing Italian.
    Charlie (4): I’m guessing Thousand Island
    – This one’s from us, Knoxville, TN

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You guys have seriously funny kids! 

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