More Funny Quotes from Your House And Mine

If you have been around at all, you know I  LOVE funny quotes from kids and parents. I like to collect and share them, so if you have any that make you laugh, please feel free to send them in so we can all enjoy them.

And many thanks to the people who sent these quotes. They are SO funny!

Mom: I’m going to watch the news.
Kid: The good news, or the bad news??
– Carly (3) Knoxville, TN

“It’s hard to cry AND be awesome.”
– Walker (5) Tupelo, MS

After looking at mom’s purple toenail polish: ”Mom, I think your toes are a little bit ugly…but a LOT pretty!”
– Alexandra (6) Washington, D.C.

While bra shopping at target - “I’ve made a scientific discovery! When the tag says ‘sexy,’ it’s a lot thicker.”
– Patton (7) Lebanon, Ohio

“Mommy, guess what? You don’t have a penis!”
– Brice, 3, Atlanta, GA

Mom: What’s on your shirt?
Kid: I got a ‘bless you’ on it.
– Alex (2) Knoxville, TN

Said after losing his first tooth: “It’s very very hard to eat and finish my chicken fingers now that I only have 19 teeth.”
– Alston (5) Atlanta, GA

Can we play x-box? I’m only kidding. Unless you say yes.
– contributor @RileySays

My kids are playing in their room and I overhear:
Kid #1: “Owww! You hit me in my eye!!”
Kid #2: “Nooo!! I punched you in the face!!”
– Henrik (4) and Dominik (3)

“When I was watching hard core porn…a women came in to sell a horse.” He was talking about hard core PAWN – but that isn’t what his Dad heard at first!
– Ben (9) Atlanta, GA

After finding a $100 baby doll RUINED, my friend Chris (the Dad) said to me: “When it comes to kids, parents need to treat permanent markers and scissors they way they treat hand guns!”

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  1. Beth @ Free Stylin' June 26, 2012 at 11:06 pm #

    SO funny! I love these. Kid quotes really are the best. Hope you’re having a great summer, friend!! :)

    • Heather June 27, 2012 at 2:51 pm #

      Thanks, Beth! Hope all is well, with you, too, Pal!

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