Motherhood Moments: Chaos Contrition & Humor

So if you missed it, last week I posted this on Facebook

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 11.12.39 AM

Later that day, I received this:


According to Molly, the drawing on the right is a re-enactment of my driving into our other car: Oh good, wouldn’t want to forget that. Apparently, the curse words I remember yelling when I hit our other car was only in my head, OR my daughter is smart enough to adjust the truth for her re-enactment apology note.

Later, also the same day, I found this in a pile of school papers:


It is not lost on me that I get top billing here – as with most artwork – but as chief butt-wiper and general servant, I think that’s only fair.

Laugh or cry, right?






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