Motherhood Moments: The Babies

My beloved niece, Lydia, does funny things with her baby dolls. This is providing my sister with some laughs. I am so glad she remembered to snap pictures. Here’s an old one and two new ones that I thought were funny.

Bad Babies


You put your right foot in…
No, your right foot. Dummy.


This one’s my favorite so far. How hard would you laugh if you went to the restroom and found this?

Potty Rock’n In The House Tonight!


My sister, Amy is the mother of two who lives in Nashville, TN. And she’s a really really good person. Thanks, Sis, for sharing these motherhood moments with TheMommyhood!

Got funny motherhood moment pictures? Please feel free to sent them in.

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  1. Heather March 17, 2014 at 9:23 am #

    so so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

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