Motherhood Moments: Funny Stuff That Happened at Our House

Motherhood moments are a series of photos I take around the house of the funny things my kids do. Maybe you will relate, or, at least, be entertained for a moment. Hope you all had a nice holiday. Can’t believe it’s almost New Year’s. Anyway, here are some recent funnies.

Sweet Candy from Charlie…to Dad. sweet_candy

sleepover_with_toys Molly (that lump on the left) passed out during the slumber party.

charlie_loves_you I love it when they do stuff like this. No agenda makes it that much sweeter. Do you ever find yourself driving and making a mental grocery list and one of your kids says from the back seat that they love you. They were just sitting there thinking about how they love you. Good stuff, huh?

Anyone have any funny moments to share? If so, email them to me at Heather -at-

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