Resolutions: Planning to Fail

New Years

This year I’m thinking of my resolutions differently. I think in the past my resolutions have been (unintentionally) rooted in striving for perfection. And perfection is not possible, so pretty much making resolutions for me means planning to fail.

So, this year, I am keeping it realistic. I resolve:

To be happy.

Not sweat the small stuff.

Play more and worry less.

Eat lunch more often with Molly at school. (I do that now, but I should do it more; It means a lot to her).

Take Charlie to (arguably) the germiest place on earth, Chuck E. Cheeses. I need to just suck it up and do it. And enjoy him enjoying it. He loves it so.

Read more. I enjoy it; I should make it a priority.

Date nights. I get busy and forget to schedule them and they are important.

Set work hours and stick to them. I tend to work all the time because my office is in the house.

I also need to decide whether or not to finish book two. My original book was much longer, so I chopped it off. Therefore, I have a big chunk of what could be book two already written. But, the first one took so long, I don’t know if it’s worth doing. PLUS, I think the market is much smaller than a pregnancy book.

Did you buy books about toddlers/preschoolers? I didn’t. At that point, I learned in the trenches and from my friends.

Okay, moving on. What’s on your mind as you enter 2013? Anybody wanna share?

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