Dance Party Goodness (A PSA To Take More Video)

DSC_0777_6 I wrote this a while ago and just found it. Had to share.

My daughter, Molly, to my husband and me:  “We’re going to do a show for you…”

We sit on the couch, and my son, Charlie, starts the music as both kids begin dancing to the Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. Molly brings us each a microphone with a cord that is plugged into nothing and tells us we are judges.

Both kids deliver chaotic, yet interpretive, freestyle dancing.

Bert and I fall easily into commenting – Bert covering Charlie’s and me covering Molly’s dance moves, play-by-play.

Molly delivered some stellar gymnastics and even some respectable break dancing. Not to be outdone, Charlie (who is shirtless and cannot break dance or do gymnastics) got a fuzzy blue dress, tied it around his neck and then crawled like a panther toward us on the carpet. Bert, trying to muffle his laughter, said into his microphone, “…Charlie has gone boudoir…” which made me laugh until tears were rolling down my face.

That’s some dance party goodness right there – like Little Miss Mr. Sunshine. I wish I had this dance party on video. I have GOT to take more video!

Do your kids like to do shows for you? Are you capturing it?

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