Motherhood Moments: Funny Things From Around the House

Some days, it’s laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh and the funny things I find around the house are an endless source of material. From notes to forts to food you find in places it’s just not supposed to be, I look for the humor in it (mostly, so I don’t lose it!).

Me: “Charlie? Where’s that little  container with the candy in it?”
Charlie (5): “I dunno.”

Here it is, the haircut Charlie (5) gave himself right before we attended a super fancy wedding. It’s blurry because I am laughing.

Found this under Molly (7)’s bed. At least it’s not a miniskirt. But this is not an indicator of good things to come.
Note to self: research convents (or schools with uniforms).

I asked Charlie (5) to make his bed. He made the coffee table instead.

If you find any funnies at your house, you are always welcome to send them in to TheMommyhood. Have a great day, Friends!

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