Tooth Fairy Tales: The Quiz

Kids are SO funny! I love what they come up with. Eight-year-old Alexus actually wrote her tooth fairy a list of funny questions, which I think are super funny. Clearly this is one awesome little kid. And I wonder what Avery Perkins’ tooth fairy (question #1) leaves under Avery’s pillow. Hmmm, we might need to clip her wings, lest she make the other Tooth Fairies look like cheapskates! Only kidding. Here’s the quiz. (It’s a little hard to read, so there is a transcript below.)

Tooth Fairy,

Please don’t take my tooth.

#1 – Who is Avery Perkins’ tooth fairy?

#2 – What is your favorite season?

#3 – Who is Brooke’s tooth fairy? (Brooke is her mom.)

#4 – What is your favorite color?

#5 – Is your name Purple Berrylicious?



Sweet, huh? Thanks, Brooke, for letting me share this with If anyone else has a tooth fairy tale to tell, please send them to me using the email button over there on the right. And if you are not a follower of on facebook, please join our merry band of crazy.

Are your kids losing teeth left and right, too?

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