Great TV Show for Young Readers

Had a funny conversation with my kids (5 and 7) this morning in the car on the way to camp…

Me: “Did you have fun bagging corn at Aunt Charlotte’s house last night with Dad?”

Molly (7): “Well, we didn’t really help, but we did find a new TV show we like. It’s called Wheel of Fortune.”

Me: “Oh, yeah, I know that show.”

Molly: Katie – she won a trip to the Caribbean Sea!

Charlie (5): “And (said in game show announcer voice)…a new car!!!”

Me: “What was the answer, do you remember?”

Molly: “There were lots of them, and you have to say ‘I’d like to solve the puzzle, please’ before you say it. But I remember one of them…”

Me: “What was it?”

Molly: (said with the perky enthusiasm of someone announcing the answer) “Anniversary Dinner!”

I laughed all the way to my computer.

Tips for Young Readers:

  • I never would have thought of it, but Wheel of Fortune is a FANTASTIC show for early readers to watch! Do your kids watch Wheel of Fortune? If not, set the DVR!
  • Apparently there is also a Wii game – that would make a great gift for young kids. Tucking that idea away as well. (I did also find a free online game, but we have had some problems in the past.)

Do your kids watch this show or play it online?

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