How to Keep Your Kids From Making Accidental Purchases on Your iPad

My four-year-old racked up $94 dollars in in-app purchases on iTunes mostly playing free educational games. Oy!


Tips for Avoiding Costly Purchases on your iTunes Account

  • Turn off the in-app purchases function in the settings of your iPad.
  • Don’t share your password with your kids.
  • Adding a password alone won’t solve the problem. The other thing I learned is some apps used to keep the credit card line open for 15 minutes immediately following the download period.  According to Apple, that’s been changed, but my friend Susan said, it’s a good idea after you download an app to shut it down so you disconnect that experience and then re-open it.
  • Most downloaded games will run on the iPad even if it is disconnected from the Internet. My friend, Jeni, turns off the wi-fi on their iPad so her son can play games without the risk of an in-app purchase (because that requires the Internet).
  • Remove the credit card information from your iTunes account.
  • Jeni also said she uses iTunes gift cards instead of her credit card to make purchases, which limits the amount her child could accidentally spend. Plus, it keeps you from having to store your credit card data in your account. (The fewer places we store our credit cards the better, right?)

I started looking online for other parents who have experienced this problem and it turns out some parents in California have filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple, Inc. alleging the company makes in-app purchases with out parental permission too easy for kids.

I, for one, would agree.

Many thanks to the moms who chimed in on Facebook with stories and tips they learned along the way. Please share this with other moms, so they don’t have a similar experience.

P.S. Tomorrow, I will tell you what happened when I called about the unwanted charges…

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