How to Turn off the In-App Purchases on Your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

I learned the hard way that it’s VERY easy for kids to make unauthorized purchases while playing games on the iPad after my four-year-old racked up $94 in iTunes charges. So I thought I would pass along the instructions for some kid-related settings on your iPad (that also happen to work for the iPhone and iPod Touch).

How to Disable In-App Purchasing:

On your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, this is where you find the turn off in-app purchases option: SETTINGS –> General –> Restrictions –> click “Enable” restrictions (will ask for you to create a password) –> scroll down to “Allowed Content” –> turn “Off” In-App Purchases.


How to Set Ratings Restrictions on Your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

On this menu you can also go to “Apps” and restrict which ratings you want your kids to have access to:

Hope this is helpful, Friends!

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