Motherhood Moments: Pets We Don’t Have

Motherhood Moments is a series of pictures of funny things around the house. In this episode…fun with (not real) pets!

Our dog…is a footstool in the downstairs bathroom. I am allergic to dogs, so – much to the kids’ dismay – we don’t have a real one. The neighbors do, and that’s a great way to have a dog. As for our house, the stuffed animals do their duty (and then some).

Beyblade arena, or…dog bed?

And here, Charlie demonstrates what would happen to a poor kitty if we had one.

Photo credit: Charlie (4)

Oh, Kitty, your fur is in your eyes. Let me help you oh so gently.

Photo credit: Charlie (4)

A patriotic pig walks into a bar…

If this was Toy Story, I wonder what the toys in our house would have to say? Probably, “Help.”

Other pet-related motherhood moments, including why we don’t have a cat and other adventures that involve piggy. And of course, it sucks to be a moose.

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