Book Reviews: Shout Outs and Thank Yous!

As you know, I have a book out. It’s new, so I am working hard to spread the word. To that end, some fantastic blog friends have read and reviewed the book.

I am unbelievably grateful to these great ladies for taking the time to read my book and share their thoughts about it. So, I wanted to share a link to their reviews, and tell you a little bit more about them.


Just today, Sili from MyMamihood posted a really thoughtful review and included my book in her list of Favorite Things. Sili and I met at a conference dinner and bonded instantly while ordering wine and exchanging business cards. She’s really sweet and great to chat with on Twitter (if you are on there). She is pursuing an advanced degree and doing social media consulting for companies. (Note: Sili is giving away a copy of my book if you are interested you can enter here).

Dee’s Adventures

DeAnna from Dee’s Adventures is due to have her first baby (Shelby!) any day – her due date was the 5th. So excited for her. DeAnna is a friend of a blog friend, Patra, who I will get to in a moment. DeAnna read and wrote her perspective on the book last week. Thank you, DeAnna. Sending good thoughts as you await your sweet baby!

I Do Declare Blog

Patra, from I Do Declare shared her take on my book as well. Patra is super cool. I’ve known her for a lotta years now. And it’s fun to check in and see what she’s up to. For example, last year she hosted a slumber party in honor of the wedding of Kate and William and Good Morning America ended up at her house. Um, I’m not kidding. Cool right. You can also find her on Twitter. She also writes for Fedscoop and the DC Ladies.

Things I Can’t Say

You might remember Shell from Things I Can’t Say who wrote about the importance of mom friends. If you are a mom you will like Shell for her candid stories – she spills it. And if you are a blogger, you might be interested in her link up Pour Your Heart Out. It’s fun and a great way to meet other bloggers. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter, too. Shell and I met, I guess two years ago almost. Great girl. Glad to know her.

Sprinkle Bakes

Well, this one takes the cake. Heather Baird from Sprinkle Bakes created an AMAZING cake to support the launch of my book. On the cake were these gorgeous booties – that she made out of icing. It was truly incredible. If you haven’t had a chance to check out her work, I highly recommend that you do. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter as well.

She has a beautiful cookbook that would make an awesome gift if you know a baker or lover of desserts. It’s a $20 book that I saw for sale on Amazon for only $10.98. Here’s a really cute video from her book launch, starring her pug, Biscuit….


And I have several other awesome blog friends who have hosted book giveaways and I am very grateful for everyone’s support. So far, this list includes: Family Friendly Knoxville, Frugalissa Finds (uh, twice – you rock Melissa! #2 is on now, click here to enter), Knox To Do, I Do Declare, Sprinkle Bakes and Angela’s Heartwork.

Shout out to Heather Hopp-Bruce, too, for sending helping me in more ways than I can say (briefly). Now, everyone please go check out the latest drawing over at The Baby Sucks.

Thanks, Friends, for indulging me on this. I really wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the support I have received from these women, who took time out of their busy schedules to help spread the word.



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