Motherhood Moments: Valentines Day Edition

Motherhood moments are a series of photos I take around the house of the funny things my kids do. Maybe you will relate, or, at least, be entertained for a moment. Here’s the Valentine’s Edition.

My Funny Valentine

Molly made a box for her Valentine’s to take to school. Charlie was all, “I want one!” and proceeded to make this out of some recent school art projects and things from the recycle bin. That’s right! We upcycle around here (which is a fancy way to say: play with trash).


Call me!

At the bank yesterday, we went to have our re-finance papers notarized. Charlie was with us and at one point we looked over to find him sitting on the lobby chair reading the Knoxville Business Journal. I tried to snap a picture, but of course by then he moved. Anyway, this kid loves money and was totally happy to be at the bank.

He’s a 5-year-old with a rolodex. There were some extra cards which he decided to stick in the phone, which made me laugh.


Loooove Note


Water with a Twist (from Molly)

water_with_a_twist I was working and my sweet girl brought me  water on the rocks with an “umbrella.”
She said she couldn’t get the vodka open. (I’m kidding.)

 Love. cdraw

Here’s a sweet drawing from Charlie. He did this a while ago. I keep it on my bulletin board so I see it every day.

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends!

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  1. Amy February 14, 2013 at 10:10 am #

    Those are great, H! Love those kids! (And maybe you… just a little.) :)

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