Learned Something That Makes Dishwashers Work Better

I love engineers (enginerds, I call them). They are smart people, who make things happen. And they were some of my favorite people to be around when I worked at UPS.

When you hang out with engineers, you learn things.

I have recently came to appreciate all the engineering that went into my new GE appliance.

You might recall I was given a GE Hybrid Stainless Interior Dishwasher recently to test it out and write about it. It’s really well-designed and has some great features.  From my first few runs, I had one issue. My dishes weren’t totally dry.

I mentioned this to the folks at GE who had me call for service. The service call was enlightening.

The technician showed up with a laptop and connected it to the computer of my dishwasher. You know, I gotta say, I never really thought about my appliance having a computer, but it does. It’s part of the engineering.

Anyway, the technician ran a software update on our dishwasher and showed us all the stats for our machine, which I thought was pretty cool. It included the number of times we had run it, the wash options we selected, and the temperature of the water for each cycle, etc.  It even showed where the dishwasher had been tested at the factory before it was shipped to us.


Did you know the water temperature of your dishwasher is REALLY important its effectiveness? 

You are supposed to run the water in your sink faucet to let it get hot before you start your dishwasher. Newly engineered dishwashers, like my GE one, are so efficient that they use only 4 to 5 gallons of water per cycle. You will get better wash performance with hot water. Additionally, according to our technician, you use less energy when you start the dishwasher when the water is already warm because your cleaning cycle will take less time. Who knew?!?!

As for our drying issue, the update fixed it. Works like a champ.

When I first mentioned my dishes weren’t totally dry, some of you told me to check my rinse aid levels. You were totally right! According to the folks at GE, that really helps with drying, too. Dan at GE said rinse aid is for your dishwasher what Rain-X is for your car. (Well said, Dan.)

Through this whole thing, I came to appreciate how much work the people at GE put into their appliances. And how much they care about making sure the endusers are happy.  I, for one, I’m happy.

Do you know any super smart engineers? And are you running hot water before you start your dishwasher?


Disclosure, I received a dishwasher from GE in exchange for a series of blog posts about it. All opinions are my own.



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