Sometimes, It’s the Little Things That Are So Funny

Note: As I write this, my daughter, Molly, is standing on my chair behind me doing my hair. The first “look” is two braided ponytails that curl up. A la – Wendy from Wendy’s. (I feel pretty.)

Okay, here we go:

School is out for inclement weather and I took the kids to the Y so I could work out. While in the childwatch, my son, Charlie, who is in kindergarten, gave out business cards. Here’s how I imagine that went: “Hey, that’s a nice Elmo you’ve got there. Here, let me give you my card…”

Tonight at bedtime, we couldn’t find the book we have been reading (because we are disorganized like that) so we went with Brain Quest. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s a bound book of cards with questions and answers aimed at different age/grade levels. The one we were doing tonight is similar to this one Grade 1. They are about $10-11 each and you can get them at book stores, too. Or there’s a kindle version (but I prefer to hold the cards in my hands).

ANYWAY, there were two funnies that came out of tonight’s Q&A.

#1 – The question: How is the mother of Bill’s mother related to Bill?


Charlie’s answer: They’re family.

I’m still laughing about this next one.

#2 -Question: Fix this saying: ” I’ve got buttercups in my stomach.”


 Charlie’s answer: “I’ve got Butterfingers in my stomach.”


 Ahhh, good stuff. I’m a pretty big fan of the Brain Quest cards. Not only are they educational, they are also really good for a laugh.

(You are welcome for this free advertising Brain Quest maker people.)

P.S. I am now sporting a very fetching braided do, courtesy of the lovely Molly.
Have a great weekend, Friends!

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