Please Be a Raisin

If you are behind on my toddler poop stories, please refer to the following post: Surely Hard Liquor and Wine were Invented by Moms.

Today, I was standing in the living room when my mom antenna shot straight up. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a little brown something on the rug. I moved in for a closer look and involuntarily began to chant …please be a raisin, please be a raisin.

Then just like no whammies on Press Your Luck…No nuggets, no nuggets, no nuggets…STOP!

Whew! Thanks be to God, it really was a raisin. Haven’t been that happy to find food on the floor in…well, ever. Clearly, I’m still really turd-shy after the cup of poo incident.

Did anything scare you today?


On a separate note, I am still off the coca-cola (5 weeks).That said, I have replaced it with a new vice…IZZE. But so far, I have managed to practice moderation. And while it does have sugar it is sugar from juice (listen to me justify it!).  Hopefully my new vice won’t get outa hand!

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