Install Your Own Hidden Garbage Can for Only $40

We moved shortly after renovating the kitchen in our old place. One of the things I loved in the renovated kitchen that our new house didn’t have was a pull-out garbage can concealed in the cabinetry. So, I thought– well,  I’ll just make my own!  I looked at my cabinets and found one I thought could work and went online to look for a kit we could install. There are a ton of them out there, but nothing is easier than heading over to The Home Depot, where for a mere $40 you can buy a kit to make a cabinet into your own hidden garbage can.

The down sides are you have to sacrifice cabinet space (in the picture you can see where we took out a shelf that was in there). And I ended up with a slightly smaller garbage can than I would normally have in my kitchen because of the cabinet I chose to convert. But, it’s my kitchen,  how much trash do I really want to store there anyway? If you have the room, the companies that make these kits also make a double and you could use the other bin for additional trash or recycling.

In the end I found an easy and affordable way not to have to  look at big ole trash can in my kitchen!

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