Learning Websites for Elementary School Kids

Here are some great learning websites for kids.

Okay, so my daughter showed me another site they are using in school to learn. It’s called Spellingcity.com. In addition to online spelling and vocabulary quizzes, it has several games including “hang mouse” and word searches. She loves it. And her elementary school teachers put the vocabulary words they are working on in class on the site, so when she is playing, she is actually studying the material her teacher wants her to learn.

And if you missed my previous posts on learning websites, you should also check out:

Starfall.com - Great for learning the ABCs and for early readers. The site also has interactive games where children learn about seasons and build snowmen by choosing features, etc.

Brainpopjr.com – Is more of an elementary social studies site. For example, it has little videos about historical figures like George Washington that are followed by a quiz on the content of the story, etc. This is actually a site you have to pay for, but if you have a child in elementary school, you should ask if they have a class password so your child can use this site.

What are your kids favorite learning sites? (Doesn’t have to be elementary level. I’m always wondering what’s coming up next!)


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