80′s Music All Kids Should Know

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I took my son Charlie (4) to a children’s Museum. In one of the rooms they had a pipe that sends the sound of your voice to another part of the room. He saw a kid at the other end and approached the pipe. But instead of oh, I dunno, saying “hello,”  he started to sing “Oh, oh, Oh-oh-oh…Oh-oh-oh-oh” (as in the New Kids on the Block’s – The Right Stuff).

I almost peed my pants.

This brings me to my next tip: make sure your kids know really important things like the Pledge of Allegiance the best songs of the 80s!

I decided I should probably make a list of the artists/songs I really want my kids to know and then put together a playlist so they can learn them. That’s right, a modern-day mix tape! Brings back memories, doesn’t it?

Our kids are learning some stuff from the Wii Dance, but this matter is of such extreme importance that I feel I must supplement their education. (This is the extent of the homeschooling that happens at our house!)

Okay, so far they know:

  • We Got the Beat, Our Lips are Sealed, and Vacation by the Go Gos. They also heard and liked the Go Gos called Cool Jerk, which I don’t want them to know, so I told them it was “Blue Jet.” They sing that with gusto which is, of course, very entertaining)
  • Come on Eileen
  • Our House
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Video Killed the Radio Star
  • Hey Micky
  • The Right Stuff by New Kids on the Block (I think we might need to teach them the dance moves that go with that…)
  • Whip It (Our family went to a Halloween Party as Divo last year)
  • Walking on Sunshine

Other 80′s songs I want them to learn are:

  • Take On Me by Ah-Ha
  • 867-5309
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  • Fight For Your Right by the Beastie Boys
  • Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
  • I Love Rock’n Roll by Joan Jett
  • We’re Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister (I can’t believe they don’t know this after that whole fantasy flash mob in my mind thing.)
  • Madonna – not sure which songs
  • Michael Jackson – not sure which songs

I thought I would get your input. What are the MUST-KNOW 80s songs in your opinion?



2 Responses to 80′s Music All Kids Should Know

  1. Paula February 23, 2012 at 11:46 am #

    Don’t forget about me – Simple Minds
    Most songs by the Cure
    Tainted Love –

    Have to work, will come back with more…

    • Heather February 27, 2012 at 11:00 pm #

      Awesome. Love 80′s music. Simple Minds – is that Don’t you Forget About Me from Breakfast Club? Classic. Funny how music and memories go together, isn’t it?

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