Gifts Ideas for Kids Who Like Money

Do your  kids enjoy playing with money? If so, do I have some gift ideas for you. My five-year-old has had many a money adventure. He likes it so much that we have acquired a number of money-holders that would make excellent gifts if you are looking for fun gift ideas.

Some kids have a favorite stuffed animal. My kid takes this cash box every where we go.

General Cash Box

Here’s what it looks like inside. He recently took it to the Target (it’s like his wallet) to spend his coins in the wonderland known as the dollar bin.

As a result of owning this, he now knows how to count money. Also, at just $16, it’s an affordable gift idea. Though I will warn you: It has pointy corners. He has beaten the ever living daylights out of our coffee table with it.

Combination/Key Lock Cash Box

Here’s another great one. Charlie got this as a birthday gift from his friend, Marin. It came from a store called Smart Toys & Books.

This is great because it’s small and has rounded corners. And it has both a combination lock (great for motor skills and memory) and a keyed lock. Both will open the box in case the key goes missing (ours disappears and reemerges from time to time.

Roll Combination Lock

(This is a Christmas gift this year.)

I got this for $21 at Office Max. It has a tray divider in the top, and can be carried like a suit case. (I just had an  image of him walking into preschool with it hand-cuffed to his wrist. Hah!)

Charlie has asked for a piggy bank that you paint for Christmas. I saw one at Michael’s. It think it was around $10. Use a 40% off coupon and you have a really affordable gift for a kiddo that likes money.

I also found this paint your own cupcake piggy bank $6.99 from Melissa & Doug. Charlie is both a lover of sweets and a lover of money, so this one is a WINNER!


A wallet is another option. But I will say, in our case it wasn’t the best option. My child likes coins. LOTS of coins. And even if you get a wallet that has a change compartment, it won’t hold very much, or will be overstuffed and the zipper will break, which is what happened to us.  If you have a GIRL – a wallet is a great option. There are far more change purse options there.

Claire’s is a good place to get a wallet for a little girl and Target has them in the Boys Department (look over by the underwear and socks).

Cash Registers

We’ve owned this cash register from Toys R Us for at least three years.  It comes with stickers and the scanner actually reads the bar codes. So the kids can price their “merchandise” and really ring it up!  It also has a microphone (“Clean up on aisle 5!”) It seems Toys R Us doesn’t sell it anymore. I did find it here.

We have used and abused it, though. The kids have a tendency to carry it around by the scanner cord and the microphone cord, so eventually those quit working. But the rest of it has survived our house, so I would recommend it. We even used it when we had a lemonade stand to teach the kids about money.

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