Motherhood Moments: Candy Salad & Other Adventures

Have you ever laughed at the aftermath of your kids’ pretend play? Motherhood Moments are pictures I take of funny things the kids do around the house. When I laugh, I stop and get my camera so I can record the mayhem, and maybe we can all have a chuckle.

If YOU have any photos and captions to share, feel free to email them to me using the contact information in the sidebar.

Here’s the latest.

Madeline’s Demise

Photo and caption from my sister, Amy. madeliene

Poor Madeline…taken too soon.
(Apparently Lydia (3) felt like it was time for her to go.)

Step Right Up!


After visiting our friend’s farm for an easter egg hunt,
the kids made their own face painting station.

Nearby, I found Charlie’s contribution…


These two pictures are actually from after last year’s Easter Egg hunt,
and I just came across them again recently.
We had a ball BOTH years at the farm. If you are in the Knoxville area,
I HIGHLY recommend attending any event they have at RiverView Family Farm.
Follow them on facebook to find out about upcoming events.

Dog Races

Hmmm. I’m a little concerned for this American Girl Doll. Let’s hope she was just starting the race and fell over.


Here’s another angle.

dogsanddolls2 Note the pig who appears to be in charge.

Anyone seen the Wii remote?


What Kind of TV Is That?


Found this mustache on the TV logo.

Candy Salad
(more candy than salad)


Invented by Charlie (5) and displayed in a *fetching* home made bowl with a side of pantry rummage.
(This kind of reminds me of the birthday trail mix.)

 Happy Monday, Folks!


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