The Baby Sucks: Ode to Blankie

Does your little one have a blankie or did you when you were little?

My younger sister had one, and she was REALLY attached to it. She was super cute and sucking up all the attention all the time and it was annoying. So one time…I hid it under a bush in the yard. I’m guessing I was four or five. She would do this thing where she put her ear by her shoulder and smile and pose for the grownups who would “ooh” and “ah” like she had done something really great. Meanwhile, I was behind her pretending to tap dance, wildly doing those windmill arms tap dancers do.  Do you know that of which I speak? Anyway, textbook middle-child behavior, I am sure. (It’s all good now.)

I, too, had a blankie. Mine was green and my mother made it.  I used to chew on its corners. So this next drawing by Heather Hopp-Bruce of The Baby Sucks reminds me of our own blankie adventures.

Heather Hopp-Bruce is the creator of TheBaby Sucks (and other breastfeeding tips) and a contributor to She lives with her husband and three young daughters in Boston, Massachusetts. You should totally follow  her on Facebook and Twitter.

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