Book-Writing By the Numbers

A lot goes into writing a book. So, I thought it would be fun to compile a list of the expected (and unexpected) quantifiable things that are part of the process. So here is book-writing by the numbers for my first book, Secrets of The Mommyhood.


  • M&Ms: Hundreds
  • Soda: Lots
  • Weight gain: At least five pounds (okay, probably more)
  • Keyboard and mouse batteries: 15 sets
  • Fever blisters – 7 (thankfully, not all at once)
  • Nights of insomnia – at least 16. The cure is NOT working out, because that leads to falling asleep on the floor of the YMCA mat instead of doing sit ups. (Regrettably, a true story.)
  • Hours of research, writing and editing – 5,462 (give or take)
  • Drafts – 46ish
  • Computer crash – 1 ( I recommend a cloud if you don’t have one)
  • Reams of printer paper – 11
  • Toner for the printer – 3 (These suckers are $100 bucks a pop! Why didn’t I just go to the copy store?!?! Dummy.)
  • Emails to my editor/illustrator: the AWESOME Heather Hopp-Bruce - 292 (and counting!) Most of them were work related, but a lot of them were us goofing off and having fun. She’s now one of my dearest friends, is the godmother of my book, and we’ve never even met in person!

Do you know how after you buy a new home but before you close on it you drive by and look at it a lot? Well, I totally go visit my book on Amazon. Just to see if it’s really there. Is that lame?

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