Mother’s Day 2013

I was led downstairs by Charlie (5), who asked me to follow the piñata.  It’s for his upcoming birthday, and we already bought one at his insistence. He originally wanted a bull “Like in Barcelona,” he said. I hope he doesn’t realize people fight bulls to the death in Spain, but never the less, the thought of letting him beat an animal with his friends for the reward of candy had me talking him into the star.

The star has been worn on his wrist and dragged all over the house. I hope it makes it to his birthday, which is still a couple of weeks away.

Back to Mother’s Day Morning. I was led by a star and Charlie down the stairs and then asked to close my eyes. Charlie proceeded to lead me around the kitchen (into a vacuum cleaner and then barefoot over it’s cord) to a chair where I was presented with breakfast and some fantastic gifts.

Starting with this card Charlie told me he picked out. If everyone had  a Grandma Mom like you…


This, of course, made me snort laugh.

Then I opened some gifts. Among the gifts was a pair of pink pajamas Molly (8) picked out for me. That gift was her idea and I am in dire need of jammies, so well done kid. She’s incredibly thoughtful and very attentive to detail. And she picks out cute jammies.

Then she gave me some homemade cards. One has a list of questions she must ask her mother.  You can’t see it in the picture, but, ironically, the little sticky notes she used have an FBI watermark on them. And the questions are fabulous, too. My favorites – “Do you like slimy things?” and “Are you ever going to retiar?”


Then she gave me a booklet of writing she has been doing at school about she and I and it totally made me cry. I looked up after reading it and her eyes were teary, too. Love, love, love that sweet girl.

After that, we all ended up in one place. That tends to happen. No matter the size of the room, we always end up all in one spot together. What more could I ask for on Mother’s Day, or any day?

Thankful. Wishing you all a fabulous day.



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  1. Amy May 16, 2013 at 8:35 pm #

    So sweet!

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