When Your Baby Laughs…

Who can resist a sweet baby laughing? I mean, really. The only thing better is YOUR sweet baby laughing which is why this drawing by the beautiful and talented Heather Hopp-Bruce resonated with me.  My kids are growing up so fast. I still love their laughter but it’s hard to capture with a camera. Babies just laugh without any understanding of the recording, but kids clam up or you get that fake smile – you know the one when they just show you your teeth and say “cheeeeese.” Tip: Reminder (to you and to me): Take more video. giggler2


heatherhoppbruce Heather Hopp-Bruce is the creator of TheBaby Sucks (and other breastfeeding tips) and a contributor to TheMommyhood.com. She lives with her husband and three young daughters in Boston, Massachusetts. You should totally follow her on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you, Heather!
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