Time and Christmastime

Like last year, the whopping deadline known as Christmas morning once again had us up late – this year, until 1:30 a.m.! Fortunately, Christmas Day (post greed-fest) was really low key, so naps were on the docket. But even with naps, my kiddos have been out of sorts for the last few days and I find myself wondering why they are out of whack. Are they overwhelmed by all the new things toys they recieved (since they probably really didn’t need anything new to begin with)? Too many activities that change the schedule? Yes. Too many sweets? Definitely.

For me, this holiday season was filled with reminders about the meaning of Christmas. Despite them, I still found myself running my holiday obstacle course rather than taking stock of what those reminders were trying to teach me.  While my rituals were  unthwarted, the reminders did give me pause as I jumped over hurdle after hurdle in the race to the Christmas morning finish line. And now that the race is done and the chaos is behind me, I have more time to reflect on it. I think some changes are in store for next year.

My kids are still little, but by next year, I hope they can understand the meaning of Christmas a little more. Until then, I will be thinking of new ways to show them its true meaning. Perhaps I can find a better use for my time (and theirs) next year.

Here’s to a revised approach to Christmas and many other things in 2011. Hard to believe a new year is just around the corner, but I’m ready. Bring it.

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