Pasta that Pleases

I learned this from my sister-in-law, Carla. Buy a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store. Cook up some mini penne pasta. Drain it and put it back in the pot with some pulled chicken, butter, salt and pepper. You can turn the stove off, but stir it up when it is on the hot eye so you can […]

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I think I May Have Channeled Poo!

If you read The Secret, it says what you think about you channel into existence. I don’t put too much stock in it, but now I might be changing my mind.  I have been worried about my son’s new interest in feces, so I think I may have actually channeled poo! Today we were playing outside. I […]

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The Many Adventures of Charlie the Poo

Holy crap – another poop adventure. I hope we aren’t entering into some gross phase. I have heard of kids doing this, so I am sure it is normal. If only we were having  The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Ok, so two adventures isn’t exactly many. But it feels like many. We are talking […]

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Easy Baked Potato Soup

Here it is – my own creation: Bake a potato. Scoop out the insides and put it into a pan with a little milk, butter, salt, pepper, shredded cheese and a little sour cream if you like it. Stir it on low heat for a minute or two until the cheese melts. Garnish with more […]

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Mommy, Mommy, Charlie Just Did Something Really Bad!

Today, really bad meant take off your poopy diaper while standing on the couch.  My two-year-old took his diaper to the toilet, put the poop in the toilet (with his hand I assume) and flushed it. I cleaned him up in the bathroom. Noting the poop on his right foot,  I immediately started to retrace his steps. “Where […]

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Yet another random object makes it through the wash…

So, I open the washer door to what should be clean clothes to find lots of paper-like looking lint. Hmmm. As I pull out item after item covered with paper my curiosity intensifies. Naturally, I assume my darling husband has stupidly left something in his pocket creating this situation for me. And then I see […]

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Craigslist Etiquette – Nearly shafted twice in one day

At 11 pm last night, I got an email from the woman who said she was getting repeated texts from someone who wanted the car and would pay $40 over asking. The lady tried to bow out of our arrangements for the next morning. Really? Seriously? What is wrong with people? A

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Sundays are for TJ Maxx: Inexpensive or free ways to re-charge and improve your sanity

Ever feel like you are one dirty sock on the floor away from running around the house screaming like a chicken with its head cut off? Moments. We all have them. We all need to take a few to recharge once in a while. Here are some things I do to relax and get myself together. […]

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When it Comes to Coats…Think Big and Think Siblings!

When it comes to winter coats…think big and think siblings! Buy your kids a winter coat that is too big and let them grow into it.  I actually stumbled across this accidentally. Someone gave my daughter a coat that she has been able to wear it from age 2 to 3. It was starting to […]

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Hey YOU! Back of the Line!

I think when you become a mother they should give you a note along with the birth certificate that tells you to go to the back of the line. One thing all moms have in common is that they instinctively put everyone and everything else first, and when they get around to it, they pee. As if you […]

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