What’s New in Baby Gear? Straight Jackets!

One of my best friends, Angie, had her second baby recently, and we were discussing what’s new and useful. Here are some of the things we discussed.  The NEW baby burrito! There’s nothing wrong with old-school swaddling BUT Angie and her husband are both huge fans of velcro swaddlers. Or, as I like to think of them - baby […]

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Summer Goal: Make Sure My Kids Solidify Friendships With Good Kids

When our babies are little, we are all about safety, growth and development, and our SANITY as we manage it all. Those things are still part of it, but new things are the horizon. The internet, social media and pressures of conformity, and how to raise a daughter that is self-assured who has good values […]

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DIY Wine Label Table (That Rhymes. I May Have Been Drinking.)

Love Wine? This table might be the perfect tribute to good times had. My sister-in-law, Carla, is incredibly talented. She and her husband – among many other things – flip houses. They are masters of of finding great deals and doing cool things on a budget.  They happen to have a pool in their backyard, […]

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Mother’s Day Gifts Conversion Guide

Yesterday (Mother’s Day) started with my kids coming into my bedroom like this. They even called me Madam. As I ate breakfast, I was brought drawings and was reluctantly given a made-at-school Mother’s Day project from my son, Charlie. It pained him to give me the colored cupcake drawing with the list of “coupons” attached. […]

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Which Sunscreen is the Least Harmful?

Summer is coming. Over the last year I have learned a lot about food and the products we use and how good or bad for us they can be. Along the way, I discovered a web site that has a database of products which rates the chemicals in everyday beauty products and sunscreen falls under […]

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Looking for a Pregnancy Book in Spanish? Get Secrets of the Mommyhood (en Espanol)!

I…have a secret. Well, technically, it’s a secretos!  The Spanish edition of Secrets of the Mommyhood is now available on Amazon! If you happen to know a first time mom-to-be, please tell her about this book which is full of helpful tips for first-time moms, and, of course, funny stories – now available en Español! […]

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Organizing Tip: Bag on a Hanger

I am constantly amazed at how often I have to sort through my kids’ things. My sisters and friends and I share clothes and toys for our kids, so a lot of goods need to be sorted and shifted between our houses. Over time I came up with a little system that works for me. […]

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Charlie Loves Money

Last year, Charlie was Pat Sajak for Halloween because he loves Wheel of Fortune and funny stuff related to that still pops up from time to time. Molly decided to be Vanna and it was really cute. This year, Molly is doing a 70′s thing and Charlie. Well, Charlie just brought me a drawing of […]

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The Bedtime Con That’s Working Like a Charm

Oh the Many Joys of Bedtime! I have young kids who need to practice reading. They also need to go to bed at a reasonable time and are somewhat independent in this process. Sometimes, all of this is a chore to make happen. Mostly with Charlie, who is every bit of seven. So, here’s what […]

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Book Signing at Smart Toys & Books

Chello Friends. Happy Summer! Wanted to let you know I will be at Smart Toys & Books this Saturday signing books. If you are nearby and have a few minutes, please stop by and say hi. Smart Toys & Books 9700 Kingston Pike Knoxville, Tennessee Book Signing: Saturday, August 2nd 11-1 The store owner, Lynda, […]

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