TV Warning from Molly6-27-10

Motherhood Moment #13: I Must Watch TV

Translation: I must watch TV or you will get a spanking and no more kisses for the rest of the day.

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A Maniac at the Splash Pad

Saw something clever recently. I was at our local splash pad water park and saw a baby in a swim suit and…leg warmers! Photo by Cut Out and Keep Okay, so this is more of a girl option, but the baby was able to crawl around on the pavement and not scratch up her chubby […]

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The Cayman Islands in a Cup (Or Close Enough)

I took my kids to swim lessons at an indoor pool at the YMCA. It was hotter than Haiti in there. I sat on some metal bleachers mesmerized by a frosty beverage held by the woman in front of me. It was like a mirage. [youtube=] I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Frosty […]

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Motherhood Moment #12

Yes, that would be toothpaste.

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Judging Mommy

We had a fun day at the splash pad today with our friends.  My son (3) loves to play in the water. Who doesn’t? And, it’s a splash pad, when you’re there, you get wet. That’s why you go. But at one point, my son playfully dumped water on a smaller child who didn’t like […]

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How to Always Have Scissors and Tweezers

My husband gave a leatherman tool as a groomsman gift to the guys in our wedding. He got them engraved and there was an extra that said “Billy Bad Ass,” which somehow ended up on my mother’s key ring. It turns out they are very handy, so I got one, too. As a Mom I […]

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How to Host a Summer Olympics Birthday Party

Looking for a fun and inexpensive birthday party idea? Have your guests wear swim suits and host your own Olympic Games right in the back yard! [pinit] Activities: Sack Race -Use crape paper for the finish line and make sacks out of inexpensive fabric. Water Balloon on a Spoon Race – Challenge your athletes to be the first […]

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Motherhood moment #11

M&M Roadkill Stepped over this on the floor in my bedroom last night and couldn’t help but laugh at the way the M&M backpack was laying there like roadkill.

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Splash Country

The kids are in bed and a millimeter of sunscreen has been scraped from my body, so I can now sit and reflect on our day at Dollywood’s Splash Country. Reeeewind to prep time at the house: Money’s tight, so we planned to pack drinks and snacks and sandwiches. Technically, you aren’t allowed to bring your own food, but […]

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fancy chandalier

Motherhood Moments #9 and #10

Damn you, Fancy Nancy! (Okay, so perhaps we own a few too many boas).

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