This Car is Automatic. It’s Systematic. It’s Hyyyydromatic…Why, iz Grease Lightn’n!

I took my kids to surprise  my Mom at work today. When we were there, I spied a pile of boxes and remembered something cool I had seen on a blog I like called Home Making Fun (Jadi, you rock). So, the kids and I used crayons, colored paper and a glue stick to make […]

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Mom of the Year? Uh, Right Here.

After I took the kids to see Toy Story 3 yesterday, we had lunch and I got them settled. I spent about 20 minutes checking e-mail. During that time, my son (3) pooped in his pants. Gross. Took him to the bathroom to deal with his business. I put his man-sized turd in the toilet […]

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Coco (Before) Chanel

Sometimes it’s great when everyone’s asleep. I recently found myself in this situation with sole possession of the remote control. Thumbing through the On Demand options, I selected Coco (Before) Chanel. I didn’t know anything about the movie, I just thought it I would learn something about a famous business woman. And I did.  It’s actually a French […]

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Tweet Nothings Tweet Nothings: Except for the High School Reunion

Do you Tweet? I’m having a hard time getting into it. Why? Could be a couple of reasons: I don’t think my singular thoughts are typically worth sharing. Economy of words isn’t really my thing. I still have a totally lame flip phone. It’s cheap and since my  last phone swan-dove to its death in […]

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Second Chance Mommy

The other day, I didn’t have enough breakfast. Therefore, when my son (3) had a meltdown around lunchtime, I was ready for a meltdown of my own. I wasn’t the sweetest in that moment. And kids are so brutally honest. They’ll tell you when you are being mean. When this happens to me, I typically […]

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Motherhood Moment #14: Smothered, Covered and Chunked (With Lotion).

Exhibit A Exhibit B

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A Solution to Messy Popsicles and Ice Cream Cones

Saw something kind of cool. My pal, Victoria, has these popsicle holders called Dripstix. One side has a popsicle stick opening (and the little tray catches any mess). And if you turn it over, the other side has an opening for the point of a sugar ice cream cone with a drip tray as well. […]

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Celebrating Independence

I am fortunate to live in the USA and am grateful for our independence. But when I think of independence and motherhood, I think of motherhood as a series of mini-graduations in a different way. As my kids depart babyhood, which sometimes makes me sad, the upside is they are gaining independence that makes my […]

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Hooked on My Key Chain

Perhaps you carry a purse filled with mom stuff. I know I do. Let’s put it this way, if I ever get on Let’s Make a Deal, I could win big!  From wipes to crayons and matchbox cars to emergency bribery candy — looking for my keys in my bag can be exercise in frustration. […]

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A Nugget Surprise

So, I have been looking for healthier food options for my family. My health-nut niece suggested Bocca Meatless Chick’n Nuggets. (I know, sounds narsty, doesn’t it?) But, to my surprise, I gave it a whirl and my kids absolutely loved them and even asked for seconds! A 10 oz package was $3.99 and the nuggets are made of soy. […]

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