Christmas in August?

If you haven’t noticed, most of the shops have their beach towels on clearance by now. I picked up a couple for $6 each and had them monogrammed for $6 each. So, for just $12 – I have nice Christmas gifts for my kids, nieces and nephews. And getting them early not only lets me […]

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Time For A Reward

I dropped the kids off at camp. My sneakers hit the pavement in the parking lot when I heard it…Aretha Franklin’s Freedom. It was the last day of freedom summer camp for my kids, so I approached my day with an attitude of carpe diem. The fridge was empty and the laundry was knee-deep, but there was no way […]

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The Evolution of a Mommy Blog

I’m a newbie blogger (9 months).  Why do I blog? To get my own TV show, of course! No, no, no. I blog because I am lacking in purpose now that I am a stay-at-home-mom. I tried really hard to be Supermom. I put my Corporate America suits in the closet and donned my cape, […]

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Quick and Easy Start-Up Garden

My mom gave me a packet of seeds, so I went to The Home Depot and picked up a couple of clay pots. My daughter and I covered the rims of the pots with some chalk board paint. Then we planted the seeds and labeled them with chalk. It’s a quick, easy, and fun way […]

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Pack’n for the Heat

We are going to visit my sister, and I want to know how to pack. So I consult something I use every day when I get the kids ready. My handy-dandy weather forecaster. I got this a couple of years ago for my birthday. I absolutely love it, and I think every mom would benefit […]

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The Bubble Thing

We saw someone making enormous bubbles at a festival this spring. It was mesmerizing. The guy was using something called the Bubble Thing. It’s a plastic wand with a fabric loop that opens and closes to make bubbles. Big ones. To make the soap you combine Dawn or Joy dish soap with warm water and […]

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Strawberry Sorbet Recipe

I love summer foods. Fresh corn, summer salads, berries. I got one of those brochures from Kroger with coupons in it and saw this recipe for strawberry sorbet. I just happened to have the few ingredients required, so I tried it. It only took a few minutes to make and it was absolutely delicious and […]

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Why I Love Dolly Parton

I just love Dolly Parton.  Beyond her performing talents, I like that she is a self-made business woman who gives back. In 1996, she created a literacy program called the Imagination Library through which children under age 5 are sent one book per month to encourage reading. What an inspired idea! Here’s how it all began…Dolly […]

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Motherhood Moment #15: Sometimes it Sucks To Be a Moose

Make all the boy moose go Whaaaaaah!

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This Car is Automatic. It’s Systematic. It’s Hyyyydromatic…Why, iz Grease Lightn’n!

I took my kids to surprise  my Mom at work today. When we were there, I spied a pile of boxes and remembered something cool I had seen on a blog I like called Home Making Fun. So, the kids and I used crayons, colored paper and a glue stick to make our own drive in […]

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